Thoughts from a Swiss Army Knife

Thoughts from a Swiss Army Knife

We live in a really strange time where people can get great jobs and opportunities and make good money by being, essentially, semi-pro at everything. The job I do comes from a weird vortex between Joe Familyvideo and completely niche, highly trained artists that range from marketing to event planning to working online and strategizing, writing, directing, producing, acting, troubleshooting, and more–BLERG.

People dedicate entire careers to doing each of these things separately and yet here I am along with hundreds of others coming to professional adolescence in a jack-of-all-trades space in between. We’re all still pretty awkward, not really fitting fully into all of our our production planning or social networking skills quite yet and generally being ungainly as we are moving faster than our spurts can keep up–but every day we’re shufflin’…

I’ve been bummin’ a bit lately looking at the big, strong professionals in different areas around me and feeling like doing what they do so well in their niche is just completely beyond me to achieve. I’ve always wanted to just be a…SOMETHING. An ARTIST, a WRITER, an ACTOR, a PROCTOLOGIST or a JUGGALO or something that is just very easy to communicate in conversation. Every time something exciting happens in my career I find I have a difficult time describing why I’m so amped…

I love that there is so much energy in my life and the ground I have covered in the 4 years since I graduated college is absolutely immense, but I sometimes wish it was easier to explain!

swiss army knifeThough I do know I’m still a specific type of person that can handle doing all of the things I juggle in some qualitative capacity, and that is its own category. The same way not everyone can be an incredible artist, writer or proctologist, not everyone can handle doing a ton of different kinds of things at once to a level that’s worthwhile to keep around. And when people are really looking for someone like me, we tend to find each other.

To anyone else who’s doing a very mixed-media kind of job that ever feels this way, keep your chin up. You’re doing the Lord’s work out there and you have opportunities to be a cross-disciplinary ninja in ways others can’t as you’re dabbling in so many things your ADD can’t even keep up sometimes.

How do you do it all and still keep sane? Tell me about your journey so far in the comments!


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