I hate stock music.

I hate stock music.

Stock Music

Check out this entry at frameforest.com!

One of the depressing downsides to making videos is the incredibly labyrinthine and expensive system of stock music. How I would LOVE to make a video where I could add a song that I and others already know and like that could bring that extra layer of emotional punch to everything.

This entry on frameforest.com (where I borrowed the picture from!) DOES have some favored stock music sites that I want to check out. I’m familiar with Pond5, they got me through my Young & Free application phase and my company now has a subscription to firstcom.com which is…tolerable.  I would still just love to use more recognizable or up-and-coming, good, standalone songs…

Maybe the next step can be to find some great local musicians that I could help cross-promote…?


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