Redhead Faceoff - Who's Your Favorite Redhead Actress?

Redhead Faceoff – Who’s Your Favorite Redhead Actress?

favorite redhead actresses

All right, it’s time for a short bit of fun, always so serious up in hur. I was just giggling to myself about today about all the pretty redheads that are popular in Hollywood right now and I want to talk about a few of my favorites to see what you think!

In order we have:

  1. The girl-next-door beauty and daughter of legendary director Ron Howard, Bryce Dallas Howard
  2. The hilarious Emma Stone from Easy A, Crazy Stupid Love and most recently The Help
  3. Oscar-nominated Amy Adams for her work in Junebug, Doubt and The Fighter
  4. Christina Hendricks of Firefly and Mad Men pinup-quality cult megafame

Sooo who is your favorite famous redhead? One of these lovely ladies someone else entirely? Tell me in the comments!



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