St. Louis' People to Know and Coworking

St. Louis’ People to Know and Coworking

This has taken over a full week for me to write now, and I realize that I have a problem…an immediacy in blogging problem. Is there a prescription for IBP? With some commercial filled with sunshine and puppies demonstrating what my life could be like, free of my dreadful condition, if only I would suffer a few night terrors or anal leakage?

Okay, now I have a story. But some backstory first, then the actual story! Also, I such at transitions so just…try to stay with me, mmkay?

Some of you may know what I was up to this time last year. For those that don’t, I was working downtown with a now amazing friendSaint Louis Coworking Logo of mine, Rosa Mayer, to launch St. Louis’ “first” coworking space (read: an affordable, open office environment for folks freelancers and entrepreneurs who otherwise work from home), aptly called Saint Louis Coworking. A little known fact though, is that we were actually just the first to blow up the media. Way down south on Cherokee St. is the Little Coworking Space that Could, Nebula Coworking, which actually opened about 2 weeks before we did last year. We kept our eye on them and were constantly evaluating the chances for competition but always kinda fell back on how neighborhood-distinct St. Louis is. Downtown and Cherokee St. have such incredibly different personalities and eventually we simmered happily in our own venture.

Rosa and I have both closed the chapter of our lives, awesome as it was, with Saint Louis Coworking and have moved on to explore some other opportunities–and Rosa now spends some of her time working on marketing for Nebula!

Nebula Coworking Daily Workspace

Last Friday she hosted a networking happy hour there, to which I was invited. I was so excited toNebula Coworking Available Office go see it in person finally! After all that time media-stalking, I had still never actually BEEN there. And when I GOT there, I was blown away by what is going on. The space is incredible and they have both an open working area with desks where workers can stop by on a daily basis as well as private (and super affordable!) offices. They are continually renovating and I was given le grand tour of the efforts which included a sort of patio area, more offices and a creative space upstairs for…more work areas? Or maybe a gym? With a shower…? The vision is still flexible, which I love!Nebula Coworking Conference Room

Want more? See photos of Nebula Coworking on my Flickr Set here as well as on the Nebula Coworking website!

During my time there I met a few cool new people, caught up with a few old friends, and collected this month’s issue of the Small Business Monthly. Once I got to my car I gave it a preliminary flip-through and found out that:

  1. I had actually been carrying on with 2 of the 100 St. Louisans to Know, Mike Glodeck, the owner of Foam Coffee & Beer on Cherokee and Jason Deem, owner of Nebula Coworking
  2. I WORK for yet another gentleman on the list, Eliot Frick
  3. I actually knew a handful of the others listed including Matthew Porter, Dixie Gillaspie and Jim Brasunas!

Congrats to all of those listed!

I also spent some time with the Man with the Plan himself, Mr. Jeremy Nulik, the CEO of the Small Business Monthly & mastermind behind the top 100 list who was, to my dismay, absent from the list himself. But alas, such is the nature of the beast! I put myself on a top 10 list once though, not gonna lie. Guess Jeremy is a better man than I. Er…youknowwhatimsayin’.

Nebula Coworking 5 Day PassI would also like to mention that I have come into possession of a 5-day coworking pass for Nebula Coworking that I need to share! I currently work for a marketing agency, bigwidesky, who has a swanky office in Kirkwood so I will not be able to utilize this pass and I want to make sure I get it to someone who can. If you are an independent worker (or know one!) who could use 5 days working OUTSIDE of the house or coffee house in one of St. Louis’ coolest, most creative neighborhoods, leave a comment telling me why you TOTALLY NEED this pass. Most compelling answer as elected by me wins! Ready? GO!

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