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Fit 4 Life – Day 6 DigiFit Saga

Digifit and Accessories

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OKAY, so today my DigiFit app worked ALL THE WAY THROUGH MY RUN! I’m way excited about this because I previously had 3 workouts in a row where I man-handled something and ended up suspending/locking my runs…when I only had like, 10 minutes left on them…discouraged and sweaty, I had to walk back to the house anyway and leave the entire epic sagas undocumented.

So I use my iPhone to basically make a game out of my runs. I’m working on interval training right now to maximize the work of my metabolism and it’s all based on my heart rate. To measure it, DigiFit comes with this little adapter I plug into the bottom of my phone before launch. The paid setup also comes with a belt you wear around your ribcage that transmits your BPM to the app. In my work with Fit 4 Life, my custom workout routines are synced to my app as well so each day I have a certain series of heart rates to work through. Totally cool idea, and excellent when it works, but on my old iPhone 3G it’s proven that it can still be a little janky sometimes.

I’d encountered the trouble before when I’d disconnected my adapter, ripped out my headphones to try to untwist the cord, or gotten too A.D.D. with my music and tried to switch songs 8 frillion times so¬†tonight I just decided to not. Touch. ANYTHING. Once I’d started the module. This seemed to work out well!

Jenn's Heart Rate June 12, 2011

Turns out I’m still a weenie with the runs, I let my heart rate drop a bit into zone 1 here and there and I copped out about 10 minutes early, again. I’m reminding myself that I’m not training to run, though, I’m interval training for my heart itself so I don’t need to push my performance too hard right now. I just have to get my BPM in the appropriate ranges and try not to fondle the equipment too much…

I feel better and better after each workout, though! After my first 2 runs I got back home and felt like I’d sniffed 100 Sharpies, all dizzy and seeing unicorns and stuff…I was vaguely excited about that being the normal response to running, no WONDER it’s called a runner’s high! Turns out, not so much, but your body still feels all amazing and I sleep so well you could probably do surgery on me.

That’s all for now! Thanks for reading and have a great work week!

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