The Inferencer Trend

The Inferencer Trend

We’re going to try this fast-and-dirty approach to writing a blog entry and see what happens. I was reading this article from Read Write Web called “Why Most Facebook Marketing Doesn’t Work” and on the first page I got itchy. Saying it was only 4 years since Facebook launched and finding a typo and the approach he took to discussing the outcome of sweepstakes promotions actually inspired me to get off of my iPhone and onto my computer. Granted, FB has only been open to businesses and marketers that long but I’ve been using Facebook since 2004 when I had to hijack a Mizzou email address in order to join. My psychology is completely calibrated for online movement because I was all up in it for fun and sheer nerdery before it paid my bills. And of course sweepstakes don’t automatically maintain engagement but it doesn’t mean that they can’t be valuable COMBINED with other great content that continues. /end rant

I read the rest of course and simmered down tremendously on page 2. Overall, Peter Yared is absolutely right. And I cant knock the fact that he has worked on bigger international brands than I have.

This whole zone is like micro and macro economics: what works for balancing your checkbook doesn’t necessarily work for invigorating a national economy. Big brands can’t and don’t behave the same way the little guys do and there are strengths and weaknesses to both sides.

One thing I will note that Peter did not mention though is Influencer Marketing for big brands. I still haven’t seen as much emphasis as I would like on influencer marketing. Don’t get me wrong, I can absolutely understand why. With the sheer number of voices coming at brands from so many directions right now, it’s difficult and time-consuming to identify and build a actual relationships with influencers. And truly, many of us just want a quicker fix for our company or client.

But times are changing, again. There are smart people out there that love new media so much and have become so good at moving

Ladder of Inference


around in these dimensions that they don’t have to be trained to look for some metric or number to determine an “influencer.” They can infer these things through casual conversation and intelligent research when someone pops onto their radar that has a different energy. “Inferencers” for the influencers, if you will.

If the dollars that were spent on giant car giveaways and vacation sweepstakes were instead invested in an able few Inferencers, the results could be tremendous. But that’s still not really sexy, yet. There is an awful lot of mundane conversation that floats through cyberspace and an awful lot that’s still not able to be pinned down about just what these “Inferencers” really are and do at this time. Really, they are digital actors and artists, more creative than analytical, with internal processes for connecting with people that may not ever be able to be completely defined in an employee handbook.


Well okay, hmm..maybe a Maverick IS sexy..

There’s another wave that needs to hit big business as they are opening up their models to not just “do” social, as we say, but BE social. The induction of these fringe mavericks will begin happening more and more.

And also, for those that aspire to this now, like an artist they will be responsible to build a portfolio in addition to their resume listing employers and standard skills.

To close, here is a kickass article on Influencer Marketing from Mashable that I adore: Why Influencer Marketing Needs to Go Beyond Follower Counts

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Have at you!

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